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This article may surprise some of the readers but, if you observe closely then you can find that how much of energy we can save in the big Malls and IT companies by reducing the number of Lights they are using.

If you go to a mall and see there are lots and lots of lights they are using to attract the customers. Recently I visited a Mall in Bangalore and what I saw that in an elevator they have used 12 number of CFL bulbs. If we will reduce the number then also the things will be visible, right? They why to use these many lights in a small elevator. I may sound wired, but this is the truth.

IT sector using energy

Like this there are thousands of IT companies are there in India. In these companies also unnecessarily, they are using lights in the daytime also. If you notice for a single cubicle they are having 3 to 4 big lights. Is it really required?

At the night time, I noticed that nearly all the floors of the office buildings had their lights ‘on’. I compared the office to large hotels and apartment that had many of their lights ‘off’— obviously because people occupying those rooms and units turn the lights off when they’re not there.

Shopping malls

I did some research online and found something. This is what I found from various blogs & articles:

  • Office cleaning
  • Building security
  • Safety — so airplanes don’t hit the buildings.

Shopping mall

Take Action

You maybe work in one of those tall, bright buildings that shine at night. Why not take action!!!

  • Talk to your CEO or higher authority of your organization.
  • Discuss with security and building services to ask if the security guards can turn any remaining lights off.
  • Have a word with the management of these big Shopping Malls.
  • If crime is a worry, try or suggest installing a good security system.


Shopping mall

If these kinds of steps will be taken, then we can save lots of energy which we are wasting unknowingly.

Think about it…..


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