Satellite Internet! How it works?

satellite internet

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet is the internet from Outer Space. It travels more than 23000 miles and that’s just one way in rural areas. You can access the internet in global and the signal comes through Satellite Internet which is a reliable connection. Satellite Internet is the best option for high speed and faster option than Dial-up connection.

satellite internet

In recent years satellite Internet speeds can match those cable and DSL used in companies. Nowadays Satellite Internet used for villages and Middle East countries where network Towers are not available. In the Middle East countries, there is only 2 option for internet use, Either Dial-up connection or Satellite Internet.

satellite internet

What do I need?

Satellite Internet is a wireless connection which involves three satellite dishes to be installed. A Geostationary satellite in the space, ISP hub, and a satellite dish mounted on your home which transfers internet signals from the dishes to the computer/PCs.

How does it work?

Satellite Internet uses geostationary satellites, rather than telephone lines or any cable systems to deliver the signal directly to your home. Geostationary means the satellite is in a fixed position and point towards the earth by matching its rotation velocity.

When you will type a website URL on your device the request travels by wire to the satellite dish & the dish is mounted on your home where there is a clear view of the sky and so that it will give your dish the best sight line to the satellite. So the signal transmitted from the dish to the satellite. From the dish to the satellite, it will take some fraction of second to transmit the signal.

Viasat (10-100 Mbps), HughesNet (25 Mbps) companies can provide you the satellite internet connection. ViaSat 1 has the highest communication satellite in the world launched on Oct 19, 2011, which covers USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & 9 other countries.

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