Important web application testing tools

web application testing tools

Best open source Testing tools:

Whenever i am thinking about a website, i always keep in my mind with best web testing tools, SEO tools and best keyword tools so i can grow my website traffic in an organic way. For a startup, it’s not possible to buy all the web testing tools for running a website.

You can also call these tools “Open Source Automation testing Tools”. These testing tools aids in the area of testing like Performance test, Automation & Manual testing, SEO rank, website speed, DNS testing, SSL check up and keyword tools also.

Now a question arises How can you find the perfect testing tools for your website?

I have collected a sampling of best free testing tools which can help you for your business. I hope you can choose these tools for your website.

1. Google Page Insights:

Check your website speed and page insight using this tool. This will help you to check the JavaScript errors, CSS errors and all your website performance. Enter a URL and it will show you the insights of a website. This tool is completely free and it’s a google’s developed tool.

web application testing tools

2. SEO Site Checkup:

Audit your website for on-page, off-page and SEO issue. You can get an overall idea about your websites seo ranking.

Why your website is not ranking on google? What are the missing contents on your website and page optimization? SEO site checkup is a free tool for checking your SEO score.

web application testing tools

3. SEO Optimer:

You can get a thousand of tools in market which can detect your website errors and will inform you what has gone wrong & what might go wrong but few of them advice on how to rectify the errors?

Seoptimer is a free tool to audit your entire website and detect the errors then recommending you to take the help with SEO. This tool offers you a comprehensive PDF report detail what it has identified on your website.

web application testing tools

4. MOZ local listing score:

how your local business looks online

Moz collects data from different search engine like Google, bing, yahoo, Facebook, yelp to score your business how it looks online. You can search your website here.

web application testing tools
web application testing tools

5. Google Analytics:

Complete website insight & web status

In addition to track more details of your website, know much more of your website traffic this is a best tool for you to track even more. Users from country specific and either they would like to prefer direct search or they choose referral sites to visit your website. All these tracking details are available only from the Google Analytics.

web application testing tools

6. Mobile Speed & Performance:

You can check your website speed & Performance at any tool but not getting the right idea of what will be the page speed in mobile or smartphone. Test your Mobile website Speed & Performance at Google developed tool.

This can help you to find out how many visitors you have lossed due to slow loading time.

web application testing tools

7. Google Keyword Planner:

The most advanced version of Google Adwords & Google Keyword tool. You can get your competitor’s focus keyword and the use of most search keywords in Google search engine here. It’s a free tool.

web application testing tools

8. Yoast SEO:

This is the best SEO plugin for WordPress Developers. It’s not a free tool but you can use this tool in your website for search engine visibility. In the free version, you can set one Focus Keyword.

web application testing tools

9. Tools.pingdom:

If you want to check a website speed then Pingdom is a best tool for you to check your website or your client website from any server.

web application testing tools

10. Whynopadlock:

If your website doesn’t support SSL Certificate then what will be the issue? WHYNOPADLOCK is giving you the overall ideas of your security certificate and detect all the problem why SSL is not supported on your website or your client website. Simply you can enter your domain name and check the results and identify the issues.

web application testing tools


Getting problem in your DNS and Mail server ! Website is not opened due to the DNS problem!

So this tool is helping you to find where your domain Name server points to and what is your DNS records? Intodns is a very simple tool used by many big organization for solve out of this problem.

web application testing tools


Gtmetrix helps you with your website speed checkup and Page performance. You can find all your page errors, CSS errors, page speed and how to rectify the errors here.

web application testing tools

13. Plagiarism Checker:

If you are a blogger or you are a SEO analyst then this is one of the most important tool for you to check the plagiarism report and prepare your self by writing the unique content.

For an Article writer, this is an important tool for you to check whether it’s copied or unique contents.

web application testing tools

14. Grammarly:

If you writing an article or any content online and you are not good at grammar or spell, don’t worry. Grammarly is the best addon tools on any browser and you can simply add this addon tools to your browser and it will automatically detect the spell check, Grammar check and plagiarism check.

web application testing tools


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