Charging issue in the new IPhone XS and XS Max. Why Apple is silent now?

Apple launched the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in September. The cost of these devices is very high in crossing 1 million margins. The iPhone starts with XS 99,900Rs and the iPhone XS Max starts at 1,09,900Rs.

Some new customers have reported bad cellular reception with new Apple iPhones. But now the main issue is coming up with charging. Many users said that the phone is a problem with its charging. Users are facing a problem where the device will not charge when the device is plugged in the sleep while the device is in trouble. This is a software bug. This means that if you are plugging the charger, then you have to unlock or wake the phone so that it is charged.

It looks like a major issue. There is no official statement from Apple yet. It seems that Apple remains silent internationally. If you are paying too much price then why compromise?

In India, the price of Apple products is increasing rapidly. And people are only buying for the brand. Because any smartphone over 60k overrides.

So think before buying these expensive products.


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