web application testing tools

Important web application testing tools

Best open source Testing tools: Whenever i am thinking about a website, i always keep in my mind with best web testing tools, SEO tools and best keyword tools so…

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How to Repair / Format a Corrupted USB Flash Drive or SD Card?

If your USB drive is corrupted due to a virus or an internal virus problem, then you cannot open the USB drive and you cannot format it. How to format…

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Social Media Image Sizes for 2019

Social Media Image sizes Guide: Looking for a guide to the optimal size of Social Media 2018!  In this Article, you will find the world’s 6 best social media platform…

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satellite internet

Satellite Internet! How it works?

What is Satellite Internet? Satellite Internet is the internet from Outer Space. It travels more than 23000 miles and that’s just one way in rural areas. You can access the…

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What is a VPN? Virtual Private Network

What is VPN? A VPN or┬áVirtual Private Network is a private communication channel over a public Network. It will create a Tunnel between two Network. VPNs are used to protect…

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install a wordpress theme

How to install a WordPress theme using Cpanel?

How to install a theme? To install a WordPress theme on your website you need to upload it to WordPress. WordPress Admin Panel > Appearance > Themes > Add New…

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How to create the Robots.txt file for SEO?

What is a robots.txt file? Robots Exclusion Protocol is also known as robots.txt Protocol. If you don’t want to index any content or site like “Admin Panel” or “About us”…

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facebook business page

Converting Your Facebook Profile into a Business Page | Bloggingglobe

Convert Facebook Profile to Business Page: According to Facebook, Pages are designed for Businesses and Organizations in order to help business to reach with Business goals. It is easy to…

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zoho mail

Setup free Business Email using Zoho Mail – Email on your own Domain

Is it possible to create Free Business Email? Technically yes! There are few hosting provider and Email platform who can give you free email services but ZOHO is the best…

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paypal recurring payment

How to Setup Paypal recurring payment?

Get Paypal recurring payment Let’s take a look at my blog. What is paypal recurring payments? It actually works like a credit card system. This is a subscription button. If…

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